recently had the pleasure of speaking with Live Fast Magazine about my work, process, and inspirations. A snippet:

"My work spans huge contrasts, between commercial and fine art, and between subject matter as varied as fashion, portraiture, and gritty documentary. The thing that ties them all together is a desire to disregard notions of allowed or not-allowed, high or low, sacred or profane, personal or professional.
I treat casual subjects with the same rigor and professionalism as I do formal subjects. I like to elevate low-brow subjects with a glossy treatment, and I like to take high-brow subjects down a peg by treating them with humor. All of it is wrapped in a sleek aesthetic, often with a clean or even austere calmness, or a darkness.
Like a film director, my different projects contain similar themes, but each tends to stand on its own aesthetically. I’m not a one-trick pony when it comes to how I technically treat a subject.
If I had to distill the meaning behind it all into a single message? Everything is art. Attention is worship."

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