If you like Beasts of the Southern Wild, True Detective, The Velvet Underground, and Tom Waits, you might like the Lost Bayou Ramblers. I love this younger generation of Cajun artists remaining true to the traditions while infusing them with the influences of modern life. Their track 'Blues De Bernadette' is one of my favorites. (image thumbnail my own, taken at the Pearl River Bayou on my last trip home)


"Oh why is it like that / Every day working for nothing / You can’t think of what tomorrow will be / But you know your riches are worth nothing


Oh fifty years of working / Day after day, on your feet, miserable / One of these days, God will find you / He’ll give you your riches in heaven


Oh it hurts me just to think / You alone in your house, / your family all dead / You don’t know if there will be anyone to take care of you / But I know God is watching"