“Are you not afraid of death?"

"I am not in the least afraid!... I would rather die than drink that bitter medicine."

"At that moment the door of the room flew open, and four rabbits as black as ink entered carrying on their shoulders a little bier."

"What do you want with me?' cried Pinocchio, sitting up in bed in a great fright."

"We are come to take you,' said the biggest rabbit."

"To take me?... But I am not yet dead!..."

"No, not yet: but you have only a few minutes to live, as you have refused the medicine that would have cured you of the fever."

"Oh, Fairy, Fairy!' the puppet then began to scream..."

"'give me the tumbler at once... be quick, for pity's sake..."

"...for I will not die... no... I will not die....”

I made these images of the hauntingly beautiful wooden sculptures by Gehard Demetz at his solo show currently on display at Jack Shainman Gallery on West 20th Street in NYC. It's up until May 31, 2014, see it if you're able.

Quoted text from The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi, 1883