For the first time in ten years I'm offering prints to the public! For a limited trial run I'm very happy to introduce MiniPrints.

What's a MiniPrint? It's my attempt to capture some of the ephemeral beauty and tiny intimacy of Instagram, and fix it in a form I can share with people who love my work, but might not be able to afford my large-scale limited edition prints. Each print is about the size of an iPhone, and printed on beautiful lo-fi glossy Fuji Instax film. They're really charming, combining the feeling of immediacy and intimacy you experience looking at Instagram images, with the retro fun of Polaroids you can post to the wall or display on your desk. Hell, you could have a gallery's worth of art in your pocket!

How does it work? Pick any image of mine you like from my websiteInstagram, or Tumblr, I'll print them, sign them, and send them to you. Easy. Tiny. Beautiful.

Available until December 25, 2014. Free shipping on orders over $100.

Get them here!