The experience of a portrait, extended into minutes. Breathing in and out with the subject.

Long portrait of Graciella Longoria, on the first anniversary of her father's death in a car accident. Photographed at my daylight studio, June 2009

Molly Crabapple, artist, photographed at her studio worktable, Brooklyn, January 2009

Long portrait of Catrinel Bartolomeu, writer, photographed in my studio. Winter 2009.

Long portrait of Lambchop, wet from the shower, experiencing a sad song. Photographed in my studio. Winter 2009.

Long portrait of Noah Kalina, photographer, at his Brooklyn studio, February 2009.

Long portrait of Debauchette, sex writer and courtesan, photographed in my studio, Brooklyn, April 2009

Long portrait of artist/photographer Adam Fuss. Photographed in his studio, Chelsea, April 2009.