Clayton Cubitt

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Nicky Da B's "Homo" Hat

To people outside of New Orleans, the iconic "HOMO" hat worn by Nicky Da B in our music video for Go Loko might resemble a navy or marine dress uniform hat. This is understandable, given the role military uniforms have played in gay culture. But people in New Orleans (or fans of the HBO series Tremé) will see it for what it actually is, a second line marching band hat. We put it in as a winking nod to our hometown culture, updated for Nicky's out-and-proud aesthetic. We even got ours from the same venerable (since 1894!) New Orleans hat shop the marching bands do, Meyer the Hatter (we did the "homo" hat band ourselves, though.)

Now you know!

​Carrying on the tradition: a New Orleans marching band, Fats Domino, Nicky Da B