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Music Video: Nicky Da B "Go Loko" (NSFW, Seizure Warning)

It's with great pride that I debut "Go Loko," the insanely fun new music video I directed for Nicky Da B. Prepare yourself for machine-gun New Orleans Bounce, twerking latex-clad bunnies, intergalactic booty constellations that would make Carl Sagan cry tears of joy, an asstronaut, possibly demonic hairless cat, and perhaps my greatest invention yet: The Asscam™. 

Turn your volume up and get down! If you love it, click over to the Vimeo page and drop something in the tip jar!

I'm so honored I got to work with next-level genius editor Bob Weisz, who's edited videos for MGMT and The Killers, even though I did have to wait a year while he worked on some little beastly indie film.​

Directed by: Clayton Cubitt / Edited by: Bob Weisz / Makeup and hair: Katie Wedlund / Wardrobe styling: James Rosenthal / ​Dancers: Ro and Quack / Contortionist: Amanda Whip / Metallic mesh masks and jewelry: Arielle de Pinto / Leg jewelry on contortionist: Lizz Jardim / Production assistance: Rusty Lazer, Yumna Al-Arashi, Julia Pogodina. / Song produced by: Joe Wit Da Dreads (Alternate video link: YouTube)

​Go Loko!